Zebra 350 Samples: "Dart-Hurler" Resin Hummingbird Art Toy

Freehand Profit Studios

Zebra 350 Samples: "Dart-Hurler" Resin Hummingbird Art Toy

Introducing "Dart-Hurler", the 4th resin art toy by Freehand Profit. This gas mask wearing hummingbird was sculpted & molded by Freehand Profit and were hand cast individually by Freehand Profit studios. The name, "Dart-Hurler", references Huitzilopochtli - a Aztec deity of war often associated with the hummingbird. We were going to just name him "Dart" but then Stranger Things Season 2 dropped.

This special series of 3 samples contains bits and scraps from pairs of Yeezy Zebra 350 Boosts that were used in making the Zebra 350 mask. The shoes were purchased from RIF.LA so you know they're legit.

The "Dart-Hurler" can be hung from an eyelet between it's wings or it can be held up by a pencil - lucky for you each "Dart-Hurler" comes with a Profit pencil.

These items are hand cast, some imperfections are to expected and embraced.