Yeezy Horus Art Action Figure "Jade"

Freehand Profit Studios

Yeezy Horus Art Action Figure "Jade"

1 of a kind in this color! Don't let it slip past you!

The Yeezy Horus Art Action Figure will release in 5 series of 20 limited edition figures. The "Jade" is the first of the 2nd series, 20 figures each in a one of a kind color way.

The "Jade" Yeezy Horus Art Figure glows in the dark and comes with a stand and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Based on the 118th sneaker mask, which was made from custom golden Yeezy IIs, the newest art figure is the first articulated by Freehand Profit. That means it has moving parts, not only that but each part is interchangeable. Which means when the other 3 color ways release (and other figures as well) - you will be able to mix and match shoes, masks, legs, arms, etc as you like. Just the next step in the evolution of my work. Painters sell prints of their paintings, these are a way that more of my fans and supporters can collect my work. 

The Yeezy Horus art action figure twists at the waist, head, shoulders and feet. It comes with a 'was scepter' ("power" staff) and 'khopesh' (Egyptian sword). The first "Golden Sands" color way matches the custom golden full size mask and features pops of gold leaf.

Each piece is cast in polyurethane resin in silicone molds by me, Freehand Profit.They are made with care and attention to detail, still some small imperfections should be expected and accepted.

The figures will be limited edition like nearly all of my work. The size of the runs will be determined in part by Pre-Orders. Pre-Orders are your chance to lock in your piece of art before they sell out.

When you buy art directly from an artist you make it possible for them to realize their vision. I truly appreciate everyone who has supported by buying a print, a key chain, a lace lock, a t-shirt, a mask or a figure - Thanks, I'll keep pushing the work to new levels with your help!