"GITD" #UNDSKULLS : Skull Lace Locks

Freehand Profit Studios

"GITD" #UNDSKULLS : Skull Lace Locks

GLOW IN THE DARK #UNDSKULLS (Skull Lace Locks by Freehand Profit)

Designed, sculpted, carved and sanded by hand by Freehand Profit himself before being molded and cast as lace locks to bring a fresh to death look to your favorite kicks. Each skull is meticulously hand polished.

The #UNDSkullLocks are lace locks that fit nearly any lace (this design is a great fit for thick/fat/round laces). The iconic design allows them to add flavor to nearly any sneaker, from Jordans to adidas to Air Max, Dunks, Pumas, Gel Lytes & more.

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*These items are hand made and some slight differences or imperfections should be embraced, you're buying something made by the artist himself.