Emerald Series Samples: "Dart-Hurler" Resin Hummingbird Art Toy

Freehand Profit Studios

Emerald Series Samples: "Dart-Hurler" Resin Hummingbird Art Toy

Introducing "Dart-Hurler", the 4th resin art toy by Freehand Profit. This gas mask wearing hummingbird was sculpted & molded by Freehand Profit and were hand cast individually by Freehand Profit studios. The name, "Dart-Hurler", references Huitzilopochtli - a Aztec deity of war often associated with the hummingbird. We were going to just name him "Dart" but then Stranger Things Season 2 dropped.

"Emerald Series" Samples, available in 3 colors, "Anna's Jade" (Emerald blend with UV reactive Infrared pops, 1 of 1), "Ghost Quartz" (syrupy mix of glowing green resins, 1 of 1), and "Orchid Shower" (clear resin filled with handmade polymer clay orchids sculpted by Betsy VanDeusen, 1 of 1).

The "Dart-Hurler" can be hung from an eyelet between it's wings or it can be held up by a pencil - lucky for you each "Dart-Hurler" comes with a Profit pencil.

These items are hand cast, some imperfections are to expected and embraced.