Straight from the destruction of Krypton, the newest lace locks from the mind of @FreehandProfit & @BetsyVanDeusen, inspired by Superman and the DC Comics Universe - these Premium KryptoLocks have been a favorite since their initial release last year.

Each unique pair of "Kryptonite" Premium KryptoLocks are truly out of this world, these lace locks contain real life meteor dust from the legendary Meteor Crater in Arizona. They also feature layers of bright glow in the dark meteorite tips, glow in the dark crystal formations and fluorescent green chunks. Perfect for any kicks that got you feelin' like you got an 'S' on your chest.

Other colors of #KryptoLocks do not contain meteor dust but some like Aqua K have glow in the dark features.

*Shoes not included.

* May be a choking hazard, not suggested as toys for small children. Common sense is recommended.

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