Fire Red III Mask A-SIDE

Freehand Profit Studios

Fire Red III Mask A-SIDE


The first of 2 Fire Red III Masks made from a single pair of Jordan 3s. 

While I continue to advance my craft projects get bigger and bigger, so do budgets in order to make this magic happen. In an effort to create a more affordable sneaker masks for fans who may not be able to afford the $4k price tag that normally accompanies a one of a kind sneaker mask. Custom masks will not be available at this rate. For custom work check out this link :

Lately projects can be drawn out as well, and as an artist nothing feels better than finishing a piece. So I'll be bringing you more masks like this one, freestyled, raw and faster turnarounds - something to bridge the gap between large scale projects.

More info to follow, this early listing is for fans & collectors who know a great deal when they see it.



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