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You can see more than 125 unique masks on and his Blog - the best place to see the newest work as well a dig through 6+ years of archives from Freehand Profit himself!

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Buy Trippy Pins x Freehand Profit : Hellafant G.A.S. Mask Pin


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How much for a sneaker mask?

For the best answer to that question, CLICK HERE.

That depends on quite a few factors. The truth is each piece is it's own unique artwork so each new commission is custom tailored to the client, the budget, time frame/deadline, concept and more. Because each one of a kind mask takes hundreds of hours to complete over the course of weeks (sometimes months). A custom sneaker gas mask starts at about $4000.

How long have you been making these?

I made my first sneaker gas mask during my MASK365 in 2010. Since then I have gone own to create more than 125 unique and one of a kind sneaker masks - many of which are commissioned by fans, collectors and supporters like you!

"Can you smoke out of it tho?"

I'm open about my support of both medical and recreational marijuana. And in fact some of my masks were built as functioning smoke rigs - but upon the client's request and when it fits the concept. When I chopped up Cheech & Chong SBs or the Skunk Dunks it's function then becomes integral to the art. But let's face it, how many of us really want to smoke out of a $6000 art mask? For the masses there's papers, for the stoner sneaker mask afficianados out there... I gotchu.